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Waqif واقف

In 2015 I left Yemen on a trip that was supposed to last for two weeks. However, it lasted for 433 days. The war broke out, and all the borders were closed. Like thousands of other Yemenis, I was stranded, unable to travel somewhere else because of my Yemeni passport, and unable to return to Yemen because all ports were closed.
After a few months, I had the chance to travel to Doha, Qatar. Thousands of people were there from all over the world, to look for job opportunities. I didn’t know how to deal with a new situation like this. I wanted to believe the delusion that war wouldn’t last for a long time! After months of being away from everything I know, I decided to explore the city to comprehend what seemed to be a new reality. I captured Souq Waqif, the only place that felt so much like me.  like the name of the Souq(Waqif in Arabic means standing), I was standing still, in transit.
As a stateless, I was more like a spectator in a real show that I thought I wasn't part of. I was looking for me, the new me, in the migrants' faces and practices. 

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