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Saba Hamzah سبأ حمزة

Saba Hamzah is a feminist poet-scholar, writer, and educator. Her main devices are line and light and the moments in between.

Saba's work illuminates the intersections of knowledge production, memory, social justice, and transitional justice, using a decolonization approach to delve into these themes. With a bachelor's degree in education and English literature (UST), a master's degree in gender studies from Utrecht University, and a range of certificate programs focused on Art, History, and Conflict Studies. Her intensive research within these domains underpins her approach towards knowledge production and justice.

Leveraging her expertise in art, history, and gender studies, Saba has independently collaborated with numerous notable educational and media institutions across the MENA region, Europe, and the United States. Her commitment to innovation in education is reflected in her work with alternative pedagogies and artistic practices. She strives to shape transformative learning experiences, stimulating critical thinking and challenging conventional norms. Saba extends this dedication to her roles as a Research Associate at the Tropen Museum and a Fellow Scholar at Vassar College in New York, where she contributes to both scholarly and creative pursuits.

Dedicated to curating and preserving the narratives and experiences of women, Saba founded  Yemeni Women Archive, a space for emerging knowledges from women's experiences and histories in Yemen and the diaspora. Furthermore, she is an active member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Besides her academic endeavors, Saba is frequently invited to TV shows and international conferences, where she provides insightful commentary on topics related to her areas of expertise.

Her feminist perspectives and expertise in gender studies have earned her significant honors, such as the Recht Op Leren Grant and the Rosanna Fund Fellowship from Utrecht University.

In Yemen, Saba collaborated with distinguished fellow women at the University of Science and Technology, conceiving projects, curating conferences, festivals, and art contests. A notable accomplishment was the establishment of the women's magazine Amal/Hope, which saw the publication of over 6000 copies.

Saba's work critically interrogates the prevalent power structures within societies, utilizing art and literary interventions as potent tools for education, social mediation, and societal transformation. She contributes to various platforms and magazines, integrating art and literature with everyday politics. Her writings have been published in various languages, and her books are housed in prestigious international libraries, including the Library of Congress and Harvard University.

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